page1Well hello! Nice to e-meet you. I’m Jenny, the Captain of Team Tiffen. Actually… maybe not the Captain, but second in charge for sure! Welcome to my part of the net where I get to share the loves of my life!

I met my husband January, 2000 at his office. He was doing my home loan and in-between all the paper and money, we fell in love. We had our first date on a Wednesday night and we still date Wednesdays even after all these years. We are both lifelong Canberrans and are now raising 4 healthy Canberrans of our own.

After family and friends, my heart turns to more “f” words such as fitness, food, fashion, fun and photos {photos should totally start with f!}. I wasn’t always into fitness, I discovered this sweaty world after giving birth to Bridie. She wasn’t our first child. The previous year we had a baby boy {Cooper}, who without explanation, died during pregnancy at 31 weeks 4 days. This was the hardest time of my life.

However, Cooper’s life and death brought us gifts, Bridie being the first of many. I was also carrying 2 years worth of baby weight. This is when I launched Canberra FitMums. Having a small business was one of my most fave things. And the business itself was true to my heart as it combined so many of my passions. Fitness and friends are simply made for each other.

Not long after this, I fell pregnant again with Chase. The business kept growing along with our family.

page22222 I had the “perfect” combination as I got to write and market every day, workout with friends and my children were welcomed at my “job”. I also nabbed a PR role for a big company and scored fitness modelling gigs, awards and social media roles for other small businesses. But the one thing you can always be sure of in life, is change!

I wound the business up in 2011 to have my third child, Mila! Having a growing business is like having a child in itself. You have to take care of it. I knew my own human family had to come first.

Human family sure did come first because in 2013 we had another baby girl Daisy! Four kids under six is a whole new game. I now drive a mini-van that I still struggle to park and I often catch myself perving on two-door cars. My handbag is a pink Bugaboo and I shower at night because morning showers are for the fancy-free. I can’t decide if my hair looks better blonde or brunette and so I am forever changing it. {I am currently blonding sloooowly in attempt to avoid the orange stage}.

I workout many times a week, always with friends and I tell myself its for my body but truth be, it’s the laugh with my fit girls, the childcare at the creche and the coffee afterwards that get me back!
My besties and I set up an Ah-mazing Bookclub {Worms}. I struggle to read the books, but I feel really proud of myself when I do. Reading is such an individual sport and I am so social, but reading in a bookclub is like you’re all watching the same mini-series. I like this. I have read many books thanks to Worms and feel more wholesome for it. Everyone needs a soft place to fall. This is one of mine.

I play netbalpage4l. I think anyone whose 30-something like me, who plays, is uber cool and we can be friends. Not on court, but afterwards!

I have held a few roles in my life and I have loved them all. I am constantly seeking that satisfaction of “doing a good job”. Is this a Leo thing? Maybe. So here I am, wanting to rock my current job titled “Housewife!”. I feel very lucky to be a stay-at-home Mum. Life is pretty busy. Really busy in fact, but sometimes when people ask me “What do I do all day?” I am lost for words. Not sure if it is because I am numb from being on extra high alert ALL THE TIME whilst caring for my babes or if it is because the unappreciated mindless tasks we do, are a bit dull to talk about.

Not anymore! I am here in this web sphere to get housewife life a bit more spicy! Blogging about my days, dates {yes dates!}, workouts, purchases and lunchboxes is already keeping me more accountable. Once I’ve mastered the secrets to having a loving, humming, rocking household, I can then focus on my ultimate evil plan of “eating what I want and staying skinny”.

Happy Kids, Happy Wife & Happy Home.

love jenny tiffen x