Tennis & TITS

Tuesdays I Tennis

2017 has been fun for me…. because since the start of Term, I have had 3 of my kids in the SAME school and my baby into full-time preschool! It’s been ah-mazing! I promised myself that I would clean out all the cupboards + weed the wardrobes + cook delicious meals + eat all those […]

Dropped the Ball

Red Nose Day

I’ve beating myself up a little because I didn’t end up posting anything for Red Nose Day last week. I’m a Sids and Kids ambassador too {which is the real reason why I have been feeling extra crap about it}. But I saw some Red Nose Day merch for sale today and it made me […]

New lenses that would have stopped me from doing this dumb thing while driving yesterday


Introducing DriveSafe lenses by ZEISS. Available in Australia from April 2016! Yesterday I was driving home from the gym. I was feeling great and I had my mini-me, Daisy in the back seat. We were chattering away to each other as we do. Talking our two-year-old talk, such as artworks she’s done at the creche […]

Dear Mila – you’re four + a bit!

mila 728x550

Dear Mila I feel funny writing “Dear Mila” because we call you Mima {pronounced meeem-ma}. You like being Mima. You DO NOT like being MiMi or Milly. I call you MiMi sometimes and you look at me with utter disgust. I’ll slip in a sneaky Milsy // Flossy // Popcorn occasionally and your mood-of-the-moment determines […]

Easter Trees are the new Christmas Trees

Easter Tree

You heard it right. Move over Christmas Tree because we need to make room for the Easter Tree! I really love Easter time. It has so many of the good feels of Christmas but in a pastel-pink, low-key way. No pressure. Less cost. Less down time. Less stress. Less gifts. And in our busy world […]