New lenses that would have stopped me from doing this dumb thing while driving yesterday

Introducing DriveSafe lenses by ZEISS. Available in Australia from April 2016!

DriveSafeYesterday I was driving home from the gym. I was feeling great and I had my mini-me, Daisy in the back seat. We were chattering away to each other as we do. Talking our two-year-old talk, such as artworks she’s done at the creche and whether or not she has managed to stay clean+dry. We also sing wheels on the bus. This song {while I am driving} stings a bit, because I really don’t like being reminded that I drive a super-dooper ugly mini-bus-van thingy these days. AND THEN BAM! Out of what felt like NOWHERE, I nearly hit a car. {SHUDDERS}.

I am not sure if I am over sharing a bit of my stupidness here or not, but my excuse for this near miss is….wait for it….you’ll love it….. here is goes….”It was a grey day and the car was also grey?”! You can just hear me saying this to my husband can’t you?! I know my reason sounds a bit cray, but it was like I couldn’t see it. I swear on my life, if it was a red or pink car I totally would have stopped and given way! There was just so much glare and my eyes honestly didn’t compute the vehicle heading straight for us. Luckily for everyone, right before we collided, I braked. Very Hard. Daisy squealed. It was awful. I even had to put my hand over my own chest for a moment in relief. The lady in the grey car driver gave me the bird. I gave her a “sorry wave” and told Daisy that she wasn’t very nice. But, really I was just super thankful I had avoided an accident.


It got me thinking “When was the last time I had my eyes tested?” I read a long time ago, that anyone who is over 30 and uses a computer every day is likely to need glasses. So as a little gift to myself, just after my 30th I took ME and went and got tested. I am one of those lucky freaks that had 20/20 vision and no glasses were required at the time. I am 37 {cough} this year and this experience with the near miss has got me thinking. I need to go back and get checked. While most Australians (86%) say that their sight is their most valued sense, nearly 4.1 million (24%) haven’t had an eye examination recently {in the last 2 years-like me!}, and this also includes nearly one million (6%) Australians who have NEVER had an eye examination.*

How crazy is that? Some people really only have that one eye test when they go for their drivers license around the age of 17. Especially when you think eye sight issues are more common in women than men and increase with age.* The number of people at age 55 and over affected by an eye problem has increased to 95% in recent years, compared with 11% of people aged 0 to 14.* So it makes sense that when you are young and getting your P’s that you can see things a whole clearer than a 36yo, sleep deprived mother of 4 who is coming home from the gym on grey, sleety days.


I have this sicking fear that I am going to be killed in a car accident coming home from either my Bookclub {AKA the happiest place on earth where my besties and I solve the world, over yummy food and a glass of wine} or after a late night game of netball. Both activities involve night driving. I play on the other side of town too – so I can picture the headline now “Mother of 4 dies in a car accident while driving through the city at 11:15pm on a Monday night”. Actually that’s a terrible headline from a media point of view but I can imagine people judging me. “What’s a mother doing out so late anyway?”. Trust me I am not being promiscuous. I am simply defending that goal post with my life because my social netball team is actually quite competitive!

Driving home late, tired, dark and with the glare of oncoming headlights is actually risky business. That’s why DriveSafe lenses by ZEISS are a new, first-of-kind and innovative glasses lens designed to provide optimal vision, particularly in difficult or challenging driving conditions. They provide better vision of the road, mirrors and dashboard AND reduced night glare. If you are already a frame wearer {interestingly in Australia almost half the population wear glasses}, you can ask for DriveSafe lenses by ZEISS in your next script.

Research shows Australians have difficulty seeing in the following situations.

  • Driving in bad weather (46%),
  • Driving at night with oncoming headlights (43%); and
  • Driving at sunrise or sunset (31%).*

And just in case you still think I am a nut for nearly hitting the grey car… I am totally putting the grey, “meh” day into the bad weather category and backing that statistic to make myself feel better. In all seriousness, DriveSafe lenses by ZEISS sound pretty life changing. I know myself, driving at night means my eyes are strained and the DriveSafe lenses by ZEISS address the major challenges while driving in difficult light and weather conditions such as fog or rain.

The DriveSafe range has been designed through state of the art technology for everyday use but with the benefit of being optimised for drivers, specifically:

  • Providing protection from the discomfort of glare through a unique anti-reflective coating especially designed for a light transmission spectrum that minimises discomfort from glare in the presence of Xenon / HID and LED headlights.
  • Through bespoke illumination technology which takes into account the vision needs of wearers in varying light conditions, and optimises for continuous wear, ensuring clarity in both bright and low light conditions.
  • Through the ability to provide superior visual dynamics – i.e. responsive to quick head and neck movements when changing gaze (e.g. from mirrors to dashboard to distance) as the lens design is optimised for adjusted pupil size as well as for uncompromised distance vision.

To find a stockist and for more information you can visit the ZEISS website.

After-all, the cargo we have on board is the most precious thing to us. Remember to always drive safe x


Have you crashed lately?

When was the last time you had your eye sight tested?

Do you like driving at night? 

Confession, night driving in the rain makes me want to cry and I am getting my eyes checked this week! #promise.


Jenny Tiffen


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  • Niedenzu, Laura; A Study on Glare Reduction while Driving, due to Lens Coating on Spectacles, Carl Zeiss Vision, 2014.



  1. says

    Woh!!! Lucky Jenny!!! Well I’m the absolute opposite to you – I have CEO vision so I get my eyes tested regularly. Even though I wear contacts the night glare stops me driving at night so these lenses sound super interesting! My old optician I see stocks them so I might just have an excuse for some cute little frames!! I can’t believe people don’t get more eye tests – I just guessed everyone did. Although we have an old aunt that has a script from the 80s and can’t see. Too vain to get new ones – she is an accident waiting to happen!!! 🙈 awesome reminder Jenny xx

    • says

      Do you like driving at night? I don’t really and I am guessing this might have something to do with it! You will have to post more spec photos of yourself! I don’t think I have seen you in your glasses before…. x

  2. Kylie says

    I hate driving at night JT. I ‘m a frames wearer and these could be life changing for me :)) Oh and you make me laugh. You’re always a good read mwah x

    • says

      I see Vision City has them in Canberra. Let me know how you go. I was out late last night near the airport and I was wishing I already had a pair. But happy to say – no near misses! [covers eyes again] Lol! x

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