10 on 10 Photo Project

Spending a Day with Me {and my iPhone 6+}

*****WAIT! Stop reading! These are April’s photos but you might be after May’s! Click here for the latest and greatest 10 on 10 :)

Welcome to the photo circle. You may have just started, or you may be half way around but either way welcome to my section!  This is my first post in the 10/10 photo project. For newbies like me, this creative challenge was assigned by the very talented Rowe Timson who I e-met via The Clever Cookie School of Blog. It works like this. My assignment is to take 10 photos during a single day to share with you on the 10th of each month. Then I pass you over to another creative blogger who has done the same thing. You can follow all the blogger’s links until you get back to here. Hence the circle!

So…. go make a cuppa and hop-skip-jump through the links, checking out everyone’s pictures on the way. This post is EVERYTHING about the pictures and NOTHING about the words, so I will quit yapping! Here are 10 {ok maybe 11} photos I totally took with my iPhone.

French ToastI make French Toast for breakfast everyday. Actually that’s a lie, but I do make it 5/7 days per week. It’s the bomb! #bestmumever

IMG_9489 IMG_9490
After we do the primary AND pre-school drops, baby Daisy and I hit the Fyshwick fresh food markets.

Bee Nourishment stationThis stuff floats my boat! I loved stumbling across these honey bees refueling at this nutrition station! Paleo cafe’s do some cute things.

baby chinoAnd while Daisy made a mess of this baby-chino, I sucked back a skinny flat white and crushed on mint coloured cups.

Black PugHome to play/train our new Pug puppy. She’s really hard to capture because she’s puggin’ nuts. Punky is turning into a famous little pug with her own Instagram account gaining daily followers. I am such a desperate housewife!

3pm Pick Up3pm comes around so fast! Rainy and miserable pick up today. Looks like I am the last Mum to arrive, I wasn’t. Promise. I got lucky with a clear, crowd-free shot. They are running because it’s raining, not because they miss me.

autumn walkThe rain cleared for a quick walk around the block with Punky. Autumn in Canberra is stunning. I used the Little Moments App filter Rowe {name dropping suck up!}, because I love how it highlights the yellow tones.

FMSPHOTOADAYfmsphotoadayI play Fat Mum Slim’s Photo~a~Day everyday. Here is a behind the scenes shot along with the final edit. The prompt was beauty, so my 8yo and I had a “girls night” before bed.  I use her a lot for the prompts and she’s interested in photography now too. The last picture is actually the 11th shot I have shared with you, but it’s black and white and they barely count {jokes}.

Now it’s time for you to move one click around the circle! I am sending you to South Australia to see Karen at Leaf and Petal. You will love her. I have been following her on Instagram for a while now and her vintage style is so clever and romantic. I also dig seeing her pictures of Adelaide because it’s a town I have a soft spot for.

I have really enjoyed this project and would love to know which shot you think is my best. I am trying to improve my skills and your feedback will rock my socks. Positive and negative feedback is welcome. Hit me. I CAN handle it!


love jen x


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    Bahahaha, where the hell is that bee station? What a bunch of whackos, I love it. That autumn walk shot is so lovely. I adore Autumn in Canberra. It feels like some of the trees are taking ages to turn though! I want them to hurry up! Even the trees along the lake aren’t fully red yet.

    • says

      I am feeling guilty as I forget the name of the business…. but it’s at the Paleo Cafe down dockside at Kingston foreshore. You know the place? Funny you say that about the tardy trees. The one on my verge hasn’t gone red yet, but all my neighbor’s have. I water mine… it’s all I can think. Poor confused environment!

  2. says

    Jenny, your Iphone 6+ is something! I understand why you are addicted to instagram and taking pics all the time! It’s a addictive accessorize! Haha. Say litlle vador’s love to Punky! They should get married and make babies! haha. xx cathy

  3. says

    Hey Jen, lovely pictures! My favorite is the one with brother and sister walking the dog. Great use of the filter and such a precious moment.

    • says

      Thank you Erik and here to you…. Ik hou van je foto’s erik ! Een stap terug in de tijd inderdaad! That right?? I am trusting the internet tranlator entirely. I hope I am not swearing at you 😉

  4. says

    Gorgeous capture of your day Jenny! I absolutely love autumn in Canberra, watching the leaves changing is just beautiful.
    Which cafe did you go to? I’ve only been to Fyshwick markets a couple of times but I’m thinking I might have to start going more regularly!

    • says

      The more you go to Fyshwick markets… the more you go. Simple-crazy-logic but its one of those places that the more I visit the more I want to go back. The leaves this year seem better than ever!! I want to bottle the weather today. Gorgeous! xo

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    Great to have you join us on the photo circle Jen. I’m a fellow iphone 6+ user. Don’t you love it. Your pics are fantastic. Love your little pug. Such a cute shot. And the one of the kiddos walking the dog is divine. Such beautiful colours. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next month.

    • says

      Oh Yay Di! I am actually glad when I hear there are more people carrying around this massive, but amazing telephone! I keep making typos though on texts and instagram because my hands are not used to where the keys are. First world problem but it does frustrate me! Thank you for the comment Di xo

  6. says

    Love your photos! The Autumn leaves are so beautiful!! And your little pug….. Well, she had us at hello when you first introduced her and we follow her Instagram account too!! Bet you all just adore her xx

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    What great shots! I especially love that picture of the kids walking the dog. So sweet! And that baby chino? Looks so yummy!

  8. says

    What a great 10! Beautiful snaps. Canberra is such a photogenic place. I don’t get there often but have always enjoyed it, especially going to the Floriade event. Your autumn leaves path shot is perfect. Thanks for your kind words too x

    • says

      Oh I am so glad to be here and working with you girls! I will come to SA in September I think! My SA bestie is visiting me on Monday. I can’t wait! I will tell her about your blog which is local for her x

    • says

      I know Steph. I am like a crazy person….! Someone suggested I open a cafe but I already feel like I run a small restaurant and NO THANKS! Come and visit Canberra again soon x

    • says

      It’s sad isn’t it! But I know it’s true because usually they doooordle up to the car! It can be unsatisfying work this motherhood thing. I know the puppy REALLY is happy to see me lol!

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    Gorgeous photos! Love love love the one of walking your dog! We have a half pug/half mini foxy and would love a full pug for him to play with. They are so cute!

    • says

      Oh I want to see a picture of your foxy pug Jacinta! If you were in Canberra, I am organising a Pug Meet this coming Sunday. Its hard to stop at one pug isn’t it! I need another but I am not sure I will get approval.

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    Beautiful pics Jen. As always. Oh, and I’m now following Punky. What can I say, she’s cute! Anyway, I can’t go past the Daisy at the markets shots, cos she’s too cute! I concur with the big girls getting into the photo spirit – Audrey’s the same. We’re so lucky having such a mix of perfect models – boys too.

    Hugs xo

    • says

      Hey you :) Yep we are so lucky!! And thank you for following @punkythepug! That’s fun. Dog accounts are hilarious! I think Audrey and Bridie would be good friends. They have mums with lots in common! xoxo

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    What a lovely day you had and that breakfast looks yummy! My favourite photo has to be the walking around the block with Punky one. You have really captured something special here with the path in the centre and the autumn leaves all around.The colours that your lovely children are wearing add to the atmosphere too. That one of Punky is just so cute up against the fence.

    • says

      Hey Jenny. I love how you spent time with your dog in your photos too. Life is better with a puppy around! Thank you for the feedback. I can’t wait to sit down and go through the circle around lunchtime while the kids are at school! Last day of term here x

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