10 on 10 Photo Project {May}

Its the 10th of May which means its time to link up with some of the great bloggers I e-met during the Clever Cookie School of Blog. If you’re new here, 10 on 10 is a photo circle where on the 10th of every month, I share 10 photos from a single day and then link you to another blogger who has done the same. The idea being that you will  follow all the links until you get back to this post! It is quite fun, even more fun if you comment along the way but the main reason is that will stumble some excellent blogs through the process.

We are not supposed to write much during these posts because it’s ALL about the photos. I am not a photographer, I am just a girl with an iPhone 6+ that loves to click {and edit the crap out of} everything my eyes see! I took these Autumn shots at a friends wedding which was held at Redbrow Gardens just outside of Canberra in Murrumbateman. It was a gorgeous day and encourage you to put Redbrow Gardens on your bucket list of places to visit if you have not been before!

Jenny_TiffenI changed my outfit last minute to incorporate a touch of yellow in memory of Stephanie Scott. Today was the day she was also meant to be married. RIP Stephanie.

redbrow_gardensYes, I could walk down that isle and get married in this very pretty setting. You can’t see in this shot but all the chairs have rustic linen bows on the knobs.

boatsWhat’s not to love! Couldn’t you just sit there on the bank with your bestie and have the most amazing conversations? Or better still, you could marry them!
Autumn you have been spectacular this year!

The notebookThe this happened! This was such a highlight of my day {maybe even my life!}. The setting was gorgeous and the weather amazing! I always feel more in love when I go to a wedding and having my husband row me around “Notebook” style was icing on the cake!

Wedding CakeSpeaking of cake… what about this! Yes, that is my wine in the foreground. I was a bit tipsy by this point. I don’t think I can be blamed for the random red frog that has leaped over from the Candy Bar but who would really know. Actually, crap that probably was me too. Shhhhhhhh. They don’t distract the shot too much riiiiight?!

Bride and GroomThe Bride and Groom! Congratulations Courtney and Ant. We are so happy for you both xo

GerardThen the sun set behind my forever guy and it created two sun flares! I think iPhone is pretty amazing to be able cope with so much light. It is such a small yet powerful lens.

wedding flowersI got hold of the bouquet! The bride might kill me for this but the flowers are fake….. which I thought was pretty genius!

 welcomeblankets All the warm and fuzzies!

LolliesLolly buffets are the best! Naturally I stuffed my bag to the brim while muttering about how much my kids are going to LOVE them,  but I smashed all of them into my gob in the car on the way home.


Thank you for checking out my snaps. I’d love to hear any feedback in the comments below. Its what us bloggers practically live for :) Alright… now for the photo-circle magical part I was talking about! I am sending you over to visit the lovely Jacinta at Amity Loves Pink ! You will love her pictures {and her words} on her crisp, pink and white blog.

love jenny tiffen x



  1. says

    Such a cute wedding! You are so right about the iphone – it’s an amazing little camera that just happens to have a phone attached.

    And I think every woman deserves a Notebook moment every now and then… x

    • says

      Maxabella I see it as my camera too that annoyingly rings sometimes :) I think the best camera on the market is the one you have with you! Thank you so much for stopping by! xo

  2. says

    Outstanding photos! That looks like a gorgeous place to get married. I love that first shot of you, and the lovely details that you’ve captured.

    I get a little lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey at weddings too. There aren’t too many folks left in our circle that have weddings planned, which makes me a bit on the sad side.

    • says

      I am glad it’s not just me feeling all ‘in love again’ at Weddings. We went through a spat where we were not invited to any for a while… but now the second weddings have started. Stay tuned Jen! xo

  3. says

    I need me an iPhone 6!! These pictures are so gorgeous Jen, as is this pretty wedding! Prettiest setting I’ve ever seen! Gotta love a wedding, such a glorious vibe. That Notebook picture of you and the hubster needs to be enlarged and on your wall. LOOOOVE!! xx

    • says

      Do you have an iPhone Jo? Which one? I was using a 5 before this which is also amazing considering it’s you know… a phone and all! The only bad thing is I don’t think you could enlarge the photo too much for printing as the pictures are great for Instagram and web but any bigger and I think they would become totally grainy :( I think the professional photographer got this shot too though so I might have to pin him down and do what you say…. hang it!

  4. says

    OMG now i want to get married again! What a wonderful setting! I love the quote ‘chose a seat not a side’ that’s brilliant! I love the backlight picture (thanks iphone! I always manage this with smartphone and never with camera). You look gorgeous in that dress. xx cathy

    • says

      Cathy I wanted to get married again the day after I discovered Pinterest! So many gorgeous ideas these days. This couple did a great job playing many of them out. I need to do a month with my Cannon soon. I really must. I rely on iPhone so much but like you say, it is different and you can capture some set ups easier!

    • says

      Thank you Lisa. Yeah I must admit that cake was probably not something I would have chosen but it totally works and turned out really pretty! I love a brave bride! xo

    • says

      Shucks thank you Steph. You can dress that silky number up or down which is why I love Collete Dinnigan so much! Its that long that I wore boots underneath too! I love me a boot option! x

  5. Ellen says

    What a beautiful day Jen. We have family in Murrumbateman. It’s so pretty. I’m jealous of your iPhone 6. I want that camera capability too x

  6. says

    Gorgeous pics Jen. Can’t believe you shot them on an iPhone! How gorgeous is Autumn.
    And What a beautiful wedding! That notebook moment is the best!
    Happy Mother’s day lovely xx

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