Dear Mila – you’re four + a bit!

MilaDear Mila

I feel funny writing “Dear Mila” because we call you Mima {pronounced meeem-ma}. You like being Mima. You DO NOT like being MiMi or Milly. I call you MiMi sometimes and you look at me with utter disgust. I’ll slip in a sneaky Milsy // Flossy // Popcorn occasionally and your mood-of-the-moment determines what will happen next. You could giggle and give me big flirty-eyes but more than likely, you will come to a complete halt and give me the filthiest of looks. It’s a risk I am willing to take. Daily.

Grandma got away with calling you Milly for the longest, but now you have even put her in her place. We like how you care. Some people don’t mind having their name tweeked, but you mind. You are solid on the Mila/Mima front + we like it :)

Mila turns fourYou are currently attending French Pre-school. It is 5 days per week which seems an awful lot for someone so little. So, some days…. I keep you home for kicks. Just so your little sister Daisy and I can hang out with you. You are really fun to have around and not too much to trouble. Your best friends are Carolina and Jamila. You go Flamenco dancing with them on Friday nights and are turning into quite the multicultral French-Spanid. We have given you the new nickname El Mima. Even you think this is funny.

You LOVE cheeseburgers more than anyone I have ever seen and although I shouldn’t feed them to you, the way you love them has me hooked. You actually don’t eat much. You’re quite chunky for someone who eats like a bird. Except for when it comes to Cheeseburgers and Milk. You basically survive on these products {please don’t send me hate mail. She has a good diet. I am exaggerating for entertainment purposes}. 😉

You used to be terrified of animals. Your big sister and brother were raised by two Staffies. Both dogs were old and passed just after you were born. You never knew what it was like to have a dog in the house {because with 3 small kids, there was no way in hell I was getting another dog for awhile}. The fallout of this was that YOU were that toddler that would scream if we went to a friend’s place and they had an animal. Any animal. It was a nightmare for me and broke my heart as I am a huge animal lover. I can remember this one day, I was out getting my coffee-fix that I desperately needed {so-very-badly, after night-upon-night of little to no sleep}. But someone had left their gorgeous spaniel parked outside the coffee shop. You lost your shit so loudly that I couldn’t even go into the cafe to order. I nearly cried out of sheer frustration {and withdrawal symptoms made me more emotional I am sure}.

Mila TiffenSo we got a family pet. A black lop rabbit called Carly. She turned into a boy after a while but we still called her Carly bun. This didn’t really help your love of animals develop because whilst you did like her, and she was quite dog-like, one day she bit you. There was blood everywhere and I am still so-so-sorry. Carly used to wander the streets but would always come home, except for that one day when she didn’t. I was hoping to write one of those fun stories “The day Carly, the little black lop rabbit went on a big adventure and came home and told us all about it”. But no. She never returned. I hope she is living a good life with another family and biting their little girl.

So, since we no longer had a rabbit… we were ready for another furry face in the house and we started searching for puppies. The older kids had been busting our chops forever to get a dog and we finally crumbled. Puppy hunting is the FUNNEST THING EVER and it was kind of sad to get a puppy in the end because looking for puppies is almost more fun than getting a puppy. So Carly turned into a black pug and we changed her name to Punky. I was so scared that you would not like her. That she wouldn’t fix you and that you were going to hate animals your whole life, but Punky worked! You’re amazing with her and not just her BUT EVERY DAMN DOG WE WALK PAST you have to hug and kiss. Even the ones that growl at you. You don’t mind at all – you keep bounding right on up to them! You actually freak me out. And I love it.

You call yoghurt “Gok” and it has become one of those “family words” where everyone knows what it is. We have even trained the babysitters. All was fine until your little sister, Daisy started calling it Gok too. The thing is, she doesn’t have the clearest of speech and it sounds very much like “Cock”. She will randomly shout out things like “I want cock” or “more cock” or {my personal fave} “Mima has cock on her face”. Needless to say, most of us have gone back to calling it yogurt.

MilaYou adore Elsa. Which makes me and your Dadda love Frozen too because we see how much enjoyment it brings you. You are Elsa and you make Daisy be Anna. She can never be Elsa. Lucky for you Daisy is okay with this. To be honest I have gone a bit Frozen ga-ga. I was grocery shopping online the other day and saw Frozen peas. I was like “oh Frozen Peas…perfect!! Mima will LURVE these…. until I had to slap myself in the face because they were actually, like you know FROZEN PEAS derrrrrr! #embarrassing #mummyiscray

You are so stinking cute and come up with the most delightful things. You call dreams “Stories in your eyes” and when you have a sore, bloated belly you tell us “my baby is angry” {and rub your pregnant self}. You make the whole world a sweet place. You light up the room with your big blue eyes and curly blonde bob. The thing that breaks my heart is your precious teef teeth. When you were just two years old, you had a terrible accident and your two top teeth were pulled straight out. They got caught on the edge of our gigantic mirrors as you fell in our bedroom. I was right there. Saw the whole thing. I will never be the same. You actually only cried for a few minutes and then we cuddled you while you sucked your dummy. We called the ambulance and took you to hospital but they explained that even though we put your teeth in milk, it does more damage than good inserting them back in. So you’re toothless… which adds to your cuteness but it pangs my heart really, really hard.

MilaWe have a holiday unit on the Gold Coast. You love it. The words “beach house” come out of your mouth almost every day. We spend 20% of the year there these days and it’s such an amazing gift for you and the other kids. It’s so cool we get to spend so much time by the sea. You don’t know how lucky you are. And it means you’re practically the mermaid you’ve always wanted to be.

Mosquitoes love you. And why wouldn’t they? You are vanilla-mila after all. You think this is hilarious that you taste like vanilla milkshakes and it’s why the bugs want to suck your blood so bad.

Happy birthday popcorn. Confession –I started writing this on your fourth Birthday. You are now 4 + 158 days. But Mummy gets busy and caught up in so many different tasks. One good thing about writing this late is that I can include that you are like a MEGA CHRISTMAS ELF! Nobody loves Christmas more than you. You really got it this year. You decorated the tree like you were straight from the North Pole and stayed the distance from start to end, whereas your sibling’s interest faded in and out.

Keep growing but never change. Mima ROCKS.

Don’t do drugs and marry somebody nice.

I adore you.




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  1. Kylie says

    Naaawww Jen this is very sweet. We can see that she’s a cutie but I feel like I know meee-ma now :) Plus you make me laugh. COCK lol!!!

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