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Red Nose Day

I’ve beating myself up a little because I didn’t end up posting anything for Red Nose Day last week. I’m a Sids and Kids ambassador too {which is the real reason why I have been feeling extra crap about it}. But I saw some Red Nose Day merch for sale today and it made me think “it’s not too late”. It’s never too late. I often think it’s social media that has us rushing through life waaaay too fast. I missed it Friday because I was busy with life events.  And although I had my nose and my heart in the right place, I simply got caught up in the actual world.

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So, I was just going to let it slide. I knew I had missed the vital 24hr window where the online world would like/expect me to show off my red nose. Anything after that would be late. Boring. Wrong. But I then I caught myself out rolling eyes…. AT MYSELF! This isn’t about me or my Instagram feed.  The merch is still around or you can go online to support SIDS AND KIDS. Because every dollar helps. They helped me with a truck load of free counseling when our baby died. They got me through so much. SIDS and Kids had to pay that nice counselor who watched me spew bucket loads of tears and snot. The funds from Red Nose Day merchandise goes to fixing broken hearts 💔  {and other great projects such as education and support for new and bereaved parents}. So…. if you see a red nose left on the shelf – BUY it! And if you want to share a photo of yourself wearing it next month…. do that too!

And just to prove my point that “it’s never too late”….. something crazy-good happened. After I posted this belated red-nose selfie on my Instagram account, one of my lovely followers @seona74 commented this:

“I promise to buy a red nose when I next see one! I remember this cause being a big thing with red noses everywhere when I was a teen and now it seems to have dwindled 😔 I’m fortunate enough to have all my babies as well as someone elses…my heart and hugs go out to you and all of those that don’t have all of their babies still xx” @seona74

Then came back with an update:

“And because i suck at getting to shops I’ve have bought some merchandise online just now to help” @seona74


Wow! People are awesome. Thank you Seona for your support!

Jenny TiffenSIDS and Kids

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      Thanks Karin. Thank you babe. It’s true though right. Sometimes I miss people’s birthdays too and just “let that slide” also… but I am going to call them a day late from now on because it’s still nice right! x

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