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win a fitbit

Hello Hello!

Did I have you FitBit? Who doesn’t want to WIN a FitBit Flex? They are the business and I have a Tangerine one in my hot little hands to GIVE to one of you lucky readers! I am into my fitness as well as every gizmo, gadget and fashionable sporty product out there! Plus this baby connects with sooo many online and mobile tools that it’s ridiculous! Anything that makes tracking my progress easy, inspires me to keep going + try harder, is a friend of mine. Speaking of friends… if your buddy has one, you can connect with them too and the whole universe of Fitbitters which is ace because wearing a FitBit becomes as addictive as social media itself!

A FitBit cann totally help you reach your health goals which is why I want you to have it. Its my way of hugging my Facebook fans because recently I hit a mini milestone of my own. I wanted to make new connections on facebook, taking my reach to 500+ fans and your support got me there! So a massive THANK YOU from me to you!

fitbitIf you want to know more about the amazing FitBit Flex… click here and see what else this bright wrist band can do.

Alright so you want to enter? It is so easy. This is my first giveaway and so I am keeping it rather nonchalant. All I want to know is what draws YOU to the Love Wednesday blog? So basically, have a quick look around Love Wednesday and briefly tell me {by commenting below THIS post} which topic you like the most. It might be this post. Maybe your a competition enter-er and this is your first time to my site. You might have stopped by just to get your name in the draw for the FitBit. This is great feedback! And if so, I will run more comps. See where I am going? Or perhaps you like the movie reviews my hubby and I do or you might like it when I ramble on about what my kids have done. Tell me everything!

Because it is too bias for me to choose the winner myself, I have asked the very lovely and experienced Shari from Good Food Week to judge by choosing the most interesting comment. Please see below for more information on entering as well as the Terms and Conditions.

How To Enter

To enter, simply comment on this page explaining which post{s} from Love Wednesday you like the most. Entries close midnight Tuesday 26th May 2012 AEST, and winner will be announced {based on most interesting comment} on Wednesday 27th May 2015 via blog post here on Love Wednesday.

Terms and Conditions:

1. One entry per person will be considered.
2. To enter, simply comment on this post mentioning the post {to date} that you like best.
3. Include your email address or a link to your website where you can be found in the event you are the chosen winner.
4. This competition is open to entrants internationally.
5. This competition is hosted by Jenny Tiffen via the Love Wednesday blog at
6. The prize consists of a FitBit flex, Tangerine colour. RRP AUD$129.95
7. Competition opens 2:30pm Friday 15th May 2015  and closes 11:59pm Tuesday 26th May 2015 AEST.
8. This competition is a game of skill and the winner will be based on the most interesting comment as judged by Shari from Good Food Week blog, and notified by email and via a post on Love Wednesday on Wednesday 27th May 2015.

Good Luck everyone!

love jenny tiffen x


  1. says

    Thank you so much everyone for entering! I LOVED reading your responses and I will take your feedback on board. Thank you to our lovely guest judge Shari from Good Food Week. Check out her blog too as you will like all that yummy food she has! xo

  2. says

    Oh my gosh my brain is mush! I nearly forgot to enter!! 😀 Lovely lady, I love your blog because you’re inspiring! You’re positive, sharing great tips and ideas, I’m all over the fitness stuff. The way you juggle your cherubs and still keep your health and fitness pristine is amazeballs!! Love your work sweets. And look at all these entries!! xx

  3. Sarah O'Connor says

    Oh how I love your blog
    Especially the pics of your adorable dog!
    My favorites are about your weekly dates,
    You guys, like my husband and I are still the best of mates.
    I love how your posts are so real,
    Being a fellow busy parent reading your tales makes it easier to deal.
    As much as I love to have a cuppa and just sit,
    I would love some motivation in the form of a tangerine fit bit :)

  4. Kayla says

    When I first started following your instagram I really loved all the things you posted!!! All the fat mum slim comps you go in, I love seeing the photos you enter! I also love how positive you are and how you love your family so much! You always seem like your having so much fun with friends and family. So what I’m trying to say is I love everything about your blog and especially how you are always posting! This is a great giveaway and I hope I win!!!!!

  5. Crystal Donohue says

    I just love the recipes section that provides me with inspiration for meals to cook, ensuring I am motivated and energised to conquer each and every day!

  6. heather z says

    I loved your Repeat, REPEAT, repeat…. from back in December. Yes life before kids had some repeating in it but now it is like a broken record. There is now way to much repetition. It was funny to see that everything you wrote about applied to me and my daily living. It is not a choice anymore. I now surrender to the continuous repeat and hope it does not soon break me.

  7. Michelle says

    I love your blog, the fact you are so real and down to earth. You are the reason my husband and i now have date nights and have a better relationship, also you have motivated me to start lose the weight i have slowly put on over the years so i can be fit and keep up with my 3 growing and energetic boys. Your son is named Chase and so is mine!

  8. Amanda B says

    Balance, that is why I LOVE your blog. It inspires me to exercise but teaches me that French toast is ok and Yes I CAN cook breakfast before school run. It teaches me to love my skin, my husband and all my children and to love myself. Your blogs perfectly balance a busy life with kids. I particularly like you ‘ things I used to do once a week blog’…so true how life changes when kids come along! I have three gorgeous kids and a active busy life and I can really relate to your love Wednesday blog!! Thanks Jenny :)

  9. Catherine says

    Wednesday has always been my favourite day of the week! It was ‘no maths day’ at high school, it was ‘study period day’ at college and at uni it was ‘boyfriend and i have tutorials together day’….now as the mum of 3 gorgeous children all starting with J (which is sort of the middle of the alphabet, see where i am going here?) It is still my favourite day! Sometimes it’s crazy busy, sometimes it’s completely routine, but it always comes out on top, often because even if our Wednesday has been uneventful – as far as a day is uneventful with a 6yo, 4yo and 1 yo! -I know that you and hubby are out on date night – I love your movie reviews!!!! – having a blast for all mummas and daddas everywhere! Now I don’t normally post comments, but after 3 children I am working hard to be me again and after 25kg down, I am at a plateau. I would simply love a fitbit to get a bit more fit! Please pick me , love your blog Love Wednesday!

  10. Kaydee says

    My husband and I had 3 babies in less than 4 years, although they are now 1, 3 and 5. It is a hard time being busy with small people who don’t sleep much and I love your mid week date night ideas as inspiration as we muddle through this special but challenging time in our life.

  11. says

    Love your Love Wednesday. I love that you still manage to have date nights I’m going to reintroduce those to my husband. He keeps wanting me to get a fit bit as he is obsessed with his but I’ve been resisting saying I know I need to move more and sleep more and don’t want to be reminded but perhaps I should be especially if it’s a tangerine one telling me so! I have to get my movies vicariously through you – perhaps can go to the movies on my dates nights. Are you enjoying The Husbands Secret?

  12. Alana says

    I just love your reality that you love life, health, reading, having date nights and such a fun family life. Your always bubbly and enjoy reading your blogs (when I get the chance!) I want to win a fit bit flex!! Xxx

  13. Monica Biddington says

    Your whole site is very engaging but in particular I love your 10 on 10 photos posts – you manage to find such beauty and creativity in the everyday. Your personality shines through. It often pops into my mind when I’m watching my kids play or when I’m having a quiet reflection moment. I’m no photographer, but you help me want to be! Love watching your virtual world.

  14. Monica S. says

    Clicked on recipes and ‘bingo’ up comes BREAKFAST….my favourite meal of the day! French toast deliciousness!

  15. Renee Ballantyne says

    I will be honest and say the chance to win the fit bit. I have managed to reach my fitness goals but usually fall off the band wagon and some stage so I think this would motivate me to keep on track

  16. Bec says

    Frankly I was drawn in by the idea of mid-week dates, what a great idea when weekends fill up so fast. But then I laughed out loud when I read the post about your 2 year old ordering milk on Siri. I can imagine my tech savvy 2 yo doing the same thing. As a part time (.7) teacher and part time masters student and mum to a 2 and 5 year old and an aspiring urban homesteader here in Canberra, I am finding it very hard to chisel fitness and exercise in. Help!


    Your fitness posts are a great kick starter for me, especially when I cheat and eat some chocolate cake or something, it is very motivating to come across a awesome fitness post, leads me to the gym. 😉

  18. Phillip Cunningham says

    How Fit is Your Largest Organ? as it really got me thinking a lot about my skin, you know it’s important to look after it.

  19. Beryle Robinson says

    Hump Day got to love Wednesdays just about as good as Saturday’s where I can catch up on quality time reading your blog and walking along the beach

  20. Nicole Kent says

    I adore the ‘4 things I bought this week’ posts. It’s my guilty little pleasure where I love to indulge in all the goodies you bought. From great book suggestions to frequent flyer programs, I love it and it leaves me wanting more.

  21. Meredith says

    This is the best blog post! I like it because you are offering the change to win a fit bit. Thanks!

  22. Susy says

    Your awesome movie reviews! I am not a fan of action films but go for the lollies, pop corn and ice cream :)

  23. Tanya B says

    Why Love Wednesday? I read that and it’s so sweet and amazing. I can’t imagine keeping up a date ritual for so many years with jobs a family and all. I have date night every second Monday night and go out for dinner but haven’t been doing that long.

  24. Lily says

    I just love how the blog came about, the fact that it’s all about your Wednesday date night! I hardly manage to organise our anniversary!

    Keep the love alive and the reps going. xx

  25. Glenis O'K says

    I come to this site for the movie reviews and great recipes – have now subscribed so look forward to updates!

  26. says

    I am so impressed you managed to get out on a regular basis for dates with your husband! And you have four kids to organise! Our date nights tend to be a nice dinner at home cooked after kids are in bed so no one whinges about vegetables, and a movie on the couch. I had a good giggle about your post on morning tea not being what it used to be. Totally relate. We grab coffees to go now instead or stick to hanging out at friends houses with espresso machines – that way we don’t get judgey looks from old women over our kids being kids :) Would totally love a FitBit, I have a fitband style one but it is definitely a dodgy rip off! I can do an hour of cardio but because I’m not “walking”, it doesn’t count towards calories burnt! I need to know how much I’ve burnt so I can justify a glass of wine and some chocolate :)

  27. says

    I have heard such great things about these. I so need to get my fitness on track. The lack of clothes that fit me is concerning :) I love your movie reviews. I have been too 3 movies since having my Son nearly 4 years ago and my husband hasn’t been since we were pregnant with him. I live vicariously through you. Jx

  28. Jennifer B. says

    I love “4 things I bought this week!” … a great concept that uncovers little gems for me, like the Mefix from last November. Brilliant!

    I also like the FitBit post! It’s something that would keep me honest. 😉

  29. Lou Walton says

    YOU draw me to Love Wednesday! I love that every post is fun & flirty, funny & photo filled (see I love F words too) I adore how you write; honest & informative & you can find humour in even the small parts of your life…even if they are the most frustrating! I love how you celebrate your marriage & encourage others to date their man too…super cutie pettutie from you!

    In short, your blog is inspiring & uplifting & makes me smile. xx

  30. says

    Hey lovely! It’s such a nice idea!!! why don’t you give us one to each of your fan??? Haha. I’d love a fitbit. I saw it first last year on the hand of my swiss friend. Her husband brought that from the US. Now you can find it easily everywhere of course. I became totally addict to check how many steps and activity she has done in the day. I think it’s a very good assistant to challenge yourself, and easier to take when you are running compared to your Iphone 6 +. Haha. What I love on your blog or IG account? Your positive energy, your humour, you make me laugh all the time, we having the same pug at same time (exept they are boy and girl, cool we make them do their thing together to get a lot of cute puppies), the sport posts that kick my ass (WTF are you doing, cathy, still on your computer instead of going out and train yourself???). I’m happy to have met you through our blogging little-vador can play also to win? xx cathy

  31. says

    I love your energy Jennie! I feel exhausted to exercise with 2 young boys in tow, then I look at amazing you – mama of 4 and I always feel inspired to throw on the gym gear and get moving. Been using my fitbit – we must link up – this week and live it. I love how it makes you want to do more steps on your day :) Great comp xx

  32. shahira says

    I love the reviews you do! also your weekly date nights. your blog is great :) thank you for the giveaway!


    shahiraskhan AT gmail DOT com

  33. says

    The 10 on 10 series is gorgeous. APRIL is probably my fave so far. 10 outta 10 for babies, puppy-dawgs, nutrition & family time! Plus I’m a total sucker for Punky!

    Keep up the gorgeous photography please!

  34. says

    I just want the Fitbit. It’s the colour. Tangerine and citrus tones make me happy! And so do the Wednesday night date blogs. And anything about books. My list of things I should do and read (on Wednesdays and every other day of the week) is now quite long :) Thanks!

  35. annabell Fenton says

    Pick me pick me. I really need the motivation to get me started on the road to being healthy. I LOVE your “after coffee I always have to text this” post. It is the story of my life. I wouldn’t change the sleepless nights, manic days and craziness for anything…but I do dream of the days when I can drink coffee and have a conversation again xx

  36. Kylie says

    I love all the blog posts Jen. I really like the movie reviews and admire how organised you are to have a date night with hubby every Wednesday. Keep up the great work super mum!

  37. says

    Ooo I was just toying with the idea of getting a FitBit!
    I love your ‘4 things I bought this week’ posts – such a good idea and I am always finding things I want to buy (probably not such a great thing while I’m trying to save money for bubba though!!)

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