It’s my baby’s 2nd birthday, so I wrote her a letter…


Dear Daisy,

Today is your last day on the planet as a one-year-old. Your Dad and I can hardly believe the nice little person you are growing into. We weren’t expecting to have you in our lives, but you have turned out to be the best thing ever and we are so glad we accidentally made you. This might make you sad {hearing the accident thing}, but just know that you were made out of pure love, passion and a decent amount wine. Whereas your brother and sisters were meticulously planned making the whole exciting part rather dull and stressful.

Dear Daisy

We also thought you’d be a boy. Toby Marshall to be precise. But you are a girl. We have come to terms with that now. You totally rock as a girl and I have to pinch myself at times because I can’t fathom how lucky I am to be YOUR Mama. We hope you like your name. Daisy Kate. It means ‘pure flower’ when put together. You were very nearly a Zoe Wren. And Quinn Rose was the other cool-girl name we had ready to go. I like naming people. It’s my thing. I would have more babies, just so I can name them. But in all honestly I am 97.65% sure you’re the end of the line.

To your Grandmother’s delight, I have one of those Mirena thingamajigs now to really lock that last statement into place. I have become much more fertile over the baby-making years and I do have this recurring dream {nightmare} that I am giving birth to another fun-buster. As that hot, slobbery baby lands on my chest, I look down at his tiny fingers and see he’s holding that Mirena firmly with both hands. Then he winks and mouths “I got it” and then I sit up. Eyes wide open and panting!

Dear Daisy

As you have been here for almost two years, I wanted to tell you somethings about yourself and how we roll here at Team Tiffen. I am your most fave person. You’re definitely a Mummy’s girl, which is code for: I bust Mum’s chops ALL day long, everyday. Nobody else’s. Just Mama’s.

You like to do things yourself. Even things that you have no skills at or can’t reach. There is constant chatter from your small body and most of your sentences start with “Daisy do” {meaning Daisy do it herself} and end with a shriek. You have an amazing connection with our dog Punky. You call her Punty which is hilarious in itself because she is a pug and totally has punter eyes. You are the first one to run and wake her up each day. You are very kind with animals in general and if there is a dog of any size nearby, I know your attention and ability to walk will be lost unless we go and pat it.

You have a string of nicknames for a small girl. The main ones are Dasiycakes, Dasiydukes, Daze, Choco and Dukes. “Dukes” is sticking and people outside our house call you that too. Hope that’s cool? I guess we will see how that pans out. Your BFF {sister} Mila only really likes being called M!MA. She hates Milly and Mimi and  BOY does she let us know! I think you’re going to be less diva-like, but it’s early days.


I have a bad mum moment to tell you. I have never made you a photo album. I would like to say it’s because they are becoming extinct but actually they are not. Most Mums do this for their babies. I want to, but never get around to it. I tell myself…”printing photos is important, JENNY make the books”. But again I procrastinate. We recently had a back-up hard drive of ours fudge-out and die along with a stack of memories. GAH!! This was another reminder that I am crap and should have printed those pictures.

One saving grace is that I have been on Instagram your whole life. So whilst down a baby book, you do have a hashtag {#daisytoday} that I populate often. I take photos of you every day even if I don’t always share them. It is my favorite thing to do and you are a perfect model. If it makes you feel better, the other kids don’t have baby books either. I will get onto this before you get a boyfriend. Promise. There is nothing better than showing a potential future husband your baby book so they can see how cute you were. This will make them want to marry you and make sweet attractive babies with you. You will appreciate my knack at being able to tune into my teenage-self like that one day 😉

You are a prankster already which we really like. One of your gags to act like you’ve fallen asleep on the car ride home. As soon as I pull up, you slip into character like a true actress and present to be fast asleep. We fuss over you and say “shhhhhhhh everybody she’s asleep” and tickle you until you can’t keep the gig up any longer and bust out laughing. It’s really quite funny. Except for that one time when you REALLY were asleep and I goofily jostled you as I do and by the time I realised it wasn’t a drill, it was too late. There was no <undo>. I woke up crankiest bear in the woods and then I had to pay for it for the next 5 hours. Good times.

5 things you ROCK at

  1. You can jump! A full two feet off the floor jump. You have been able to do this for ages. Super advanced.
  2. Understanding English. You can’t speak too much yourself but if I say, “Go get me a nappy and I’ll change you”, sure as sheep you go get one!
  3. Saying sorry. You think it’s a game but I catch you saying “Sowwy” all day long for no particular reason.
  4. Getting your own way. You are very determined and you will charm, influence, manipulate and wrangle everyone into doing what you want.
  5. Shoes. You love them. You will find everyone’s shoes and bring them to each owner. You are the perfect dog.


5 things you struggle with

  1. Sleeping through the night. This is killing me. KILLING ME!!
  2. Me having a shower. We can happily be in the bathroom together. I can even get nude. But if I go behind the clear glass door… YOU LOSE YOUR MIND!
  3. Skipping naps. But hey, I don’t blame you. I struggle with you missing sleep time too.
  4. Staying clean. It’s not your thing. Food all over your clothes, hair and face is how “Daisy Do”.
  5. Staying in a car seat/shopping trolley/pram for any helpful length of time. You are the only one of four kids that has completely unravelled me in a shopping mall to the point I have had to leave my shopping cart and go. Thank God for online shopping. This was obviously invented by the shell of an exhausted woman.

Your favourite things

  1. Boobie milk. You’ve loved it {and so have I} but all good things have to end. I am currently burning my maternity bras because BABY WE ARE DONE! Just.
  2. Your Elephant “Kate”. You call her “Cake”. She is named after your middle name and our friend Lou Lou gave her to you at birth.
  3. Raspberries. You call them “hellos” because we put them on your fingers and draw little eyes and mouth to make Raspberry Mans…and then say “hello”.
  4. Playing ‘mums and dads’ with your siblings. You are such a good little Mummy. My heart melts when I see this.
  5. You love a good “cheers” before we eat or drink anything!
  6. Your favorite words are: Mum, Carry, Olaf, Mine and of course NO!
  7. Punky. Anytime I need to distract you, finding our dog or a picture of any dog is my go-to.
  8. Being read to. Who doesn’t love being held and read to. You really enjoy this especially when Daddy-the-King does it.
  9. Singing. You love it. No one else is allowed to join in on the Daisy show {Daisy Do} but you are currently covering Let it Go, Crinkle Crinkle Little Star and the crowd pleaser and bedtime exit track EVERY night is Baa Baa Black Sheep. I am allowed to sing this one. I sing it A LOT. Too much to be honest. This song might be the death of me.


You’re asleep right now as I type this. You look like an angel. Its a beautiful thing watching you drift off as a one year old, knowing you will wake up as a two year old {unless you get up before morning, in which case scrap the angel sentence above!}.

The balloon fairy is about to visit you which I think you will understand more this year. It would be lovely to start every day like it’s your birthday and wake up in a room full of balloons. I think you are really going to like tomorrow Dukes. If nothing else, there will be singing and the only better than that, is more singing. Grow but never change.

I love you.







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  1. Natalie says

    Jenny you have made my heart melt! What a beautiful letter to your baby girl and what a perfect way to capture her at aged 2. She is a lucky little girl to have you as her Mum!

  2. says

    Oh, my stars. What a cutey patootey. And what a gorgeous thing to do. Our nearly two year old also has an obsession with sheeewwss, ahem, shoes. Although, I think his obsession is because they’re associated with going on adventures. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thing x

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, this letter is gorgeous. It’s such a lovely idea. I want to do one when I have children now. It’ll be lovely when she grows up and can read them. You sound like an amazing mama. I love her name – the other choices were amazing too. I may have to come to you with baby name ideas when I have children! x

    Jess | It’s That Time For

  4. says

    It’s a lovely letter! I like it so much. It’s so moving. This is a really good idea, I should write my kids some letters too. BTW never did a photo album for any kids even for my wedding!!! oooooohhhhh shame on me!!! xx cathy

    • says

      You make me feel so much better! Maybe we should kick each others arse’s and create albums to keep ourselves accountable!! Just start the letter writing. Its the new album 😉

  5. says

    I didn’t know whether to giggle or tear up reading your delightful letter! What a perfect message! So many memories she’ll cherish down the track because she’s not yet old enough to remember herself! I think we all wish we could have a keepsake like this from when we were 2! Can’t wait to read more! Keep up the great work.

    • says

      Hey Peta thank you. Yeah wouldn’t it be nice to go back and see how our mothers were feeling when we were tiny. I actually don’t know how my Mum coped without the internet! xo

  6. says

    Oh this is just lovely. And I lol’d at the accidental bit! Too funny!! Oh and as a random coincidence.. My brothers name is Toby Marshall lol

    • says

      It was fun actually because it was calm. I normally have a newborn to deal with at my kid’s 2nd birthdays. It was so great hitting the Moet this year and leaving all the mess until today. Until you know…now. Seriously have some cleaning to do!

  7. Charmaine says

    Aww that was so beautiful Jen, you are such an awesome mama, that got me a bit emotional! I can still remember that day chatting to you outside the preschool comparing pregnancy horror stories and that moment you looked down at your legs which led you to go home and discover Daisy was growing inside of you (he he)!! Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl, I look forward to watching her grow into a spectacular human being xxx

    • says

      Oh yes that day!! Here’s me saying I only get varicose veins when I am pregnant….[looks at leg] WTF….. [runs off to pee on stick]….Bahhhaaaa ! I am glad that you were there through all the feels. Best thing ever! xo

  8. says

    Awwwww dukes will love this one day- except of course thinking about your parents do the deed eeeeeeeew. I lol-ed at ‘crinkle crinkle little star’ a classic song hehehehehe

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