Easy ways to prank the kids this April Fool’s Day!

I am a bit of a joker. Actually, that might be a joke in itself. As soon as I wrote that I thought… “No you’re not! You’re a cranky Mama bear who has too much on her plate to muck around!”. Hmmmm… Let’s start this again. I THINK I am a fun Mum, but when I really stop to think about it, I am probably not that fun day to day. Sigh. BUT on special occasions I have an ability to turn it up a notch by digging into some buried fun I stored up when I was young. Then I return to mediocre-Mum and yell the house down over things that kids could really care less about {like wet towels on the floor!}. If you can relate, you might like these simple ways to get some fun-cred around your place!

April Fool’s Day is upon us. It is a great day to show your lighter side.Last year, I did this! Please excuse my pj top and aqua feeding bra. It’s pretty much my uniform.

See what I did? So easy. The night before I placed Nutragrain in the kid’s regular cereal bowls, added the milk, placed the spoon and put them in the freezer. Too funny! It was 5 seconds of work {the actual work is remembering to plan ahead as it needs time to freeze!}. The kids thought it was hilarious and they still speak of it. I used milk, but you could totally save yourself some money by using water instead because milk loses it’s white and turns translucent when frozen anyway. Remember to freeze the spoon in for added effect!









Here are some other easy-peasy fun pranks to play on the kids that take little time to execute, have minimal clean up, are not gross and don’t hurt or scar the child for life! I am going to throw in a WARNING though…. sometimes being fun can backfire. One backfire that immediately springs to mind is that the kids then want to PAY YOU BACK and prank you. I have a blanket rule where ever I go that Mums hate being tricked. We are easy to trick because our minds are overflowing with mundane useless yet necessary information like school notes, meal plans, sports uniforms, pets, shopping lists and latest parenting trends. Don’t trick us. You might get punched in the face.

Wrap grapes like Easter eggs to put in the lunchbox

April Fools is on a Wednesday this year so plastic spiders and bugs in the lunchbox are funny. Wrapping grapes like eggs is a pretty good gag. Foodie pranks are simple and non-offensive or embarrassing.


Possible Backfire: If your kids are school age, you’re not there to calm the kid down if they have an April-Fools-melt-down. The teacher might end up hating you. You’re also not there to see any reaction if it’s a lunchbox prank…. so this might not be fun at all.

Cute and easy, have the toys lining up for the toilet

This is another harmless idea for younger kids that will make them smile. It’s also best to set up the night before.

line for toilet








Possible backfire: Teddy might fall in or kid wets their pants waiting in line.

Draw mustaches on over night

I did this as an elf on the shelf prank last December. It was hilarious drawing on the kids while they slept! If you have never drawn on your sleeping child…. I highly recommend! You will giggle your guts up! I drew on myself during Elf on the Shelf so the kids would realise it was Niall our pesky elf that got up to no-good overnight. My eldest got up first and saw me in bed and said “Oh Mum what happened to your face?”. I said “My face? What happened to your face?”. She flipped when she turned and saw herself in the mirror! As the other kids rose, the morning kept getting funnier.









Possible Backfire: You might accidentally wake your perfectly asleep child while drawing {and laughing your arse off}. You could end up with black eyeliner all over your sheets and the mo might wear off before morning has come. You will ruin your rule “only draw on paper” and they will draw on something random themselves in the next 2 week period.

Bed swap the kids

If you can pull this off, hilarious! This is trick has an extra backfire extra warning. The last thing I want to do is get woken up during the night. Even if you can swap them over without them waking, they might stir during the night and realise they are not in their bed and wake up fully. This would suck. But I have seen it successfully done!







Possible backfire: They wake up and don’t go back to sleep for you. Or they might make the transition ok, but stir later and wake in the middle of the night realising they don’t know where they are. It is for this reason I haven’t tried this one. My sleep is waaaay too important to me right now.

Take the kids to school uber early, but tell them they are LATE

I really like this one! My kids hate to be late. We are trying to teach them that early is on time, on time is late and late is embarrassing. Its good. Its keeping us on time. But of course they freak if they think they are late.  So for this one you need to get up quickly and run super early. Be the first ones at school and act like you are really late and they are going to have to sign in. They will be so relieved and you will be stoked that you have extra time up your sleeve too!









Possible backfire: You have to be really organised. The next time you are running late and need the kids to lift their game, they might think it’s a g-up.

Something your kids can do

After you trick the kids… they want to play too. Its human nature, but its annoying… ! So last year I had to think quick of an easy trick my big kids could do to fool their friends at school. We ending up doing something that killed two birds with one stone. I got a used paper towel roll and cut it in half which I used as a splint to wrap a bandage around their arms. Going to school with what looks like a broken wing was the best fun for them. They have always wanted to rock up with some sort of medical emergency so this blew their minds. I made it clear that they needed to own up that it was a TRICK really fast because NO ONE REALLY LIKES BEING TRICKED and they handled it really well. They even dressed their friends up in their bandages to share the love around.









This is a picture of the real plaster cast she got not long after her April Fools prank. Apart from the initial pain she was stoked with her pink plaster.

Remember to have all tricks done and dusted by 12pm – or the joke is on you! Do you have a good trick you can share with us? Its hard thinking of ones that are fun, but not mean or awful. Please share with us in the comments!

love jen x



  1. Cassie says

    These are great!!! Last year I filled the kids toothpaste tube with ketchup! When they squirted it on their brushes I peed myself laughing!!!!!

  2. Karyn Black says

    Last year, my 8 year old pulled off a great prank! She mismatched all our pairs of socks! All of them. It was really funny.

  3. Alyssa says

    One of my favorites is offering vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup for dessert, except it’s really mashed potatoes!

  4. Lisa Olsen says

    April Fools prank when my daughter was five… she came into the kitchen and I announced that I had made brownies. “Would you like a brownie, honey?” I presented her with my 13×9 inch pan covered in foil, to which she unwrapped the cover and saw the brownies-er, I mean the brown “E”s (brown construction paper cut outs of capital letter Es. The look on her face was the best EVER. We have the whole prank on video too. It’s amazing.

  5. says

    Love these! I’m freezing the cheerios now. Would love to do the bed swap but that would so backfire on me big time for sure and I’m going to put the mo on my husband. Need to up my fun Mum status as it’s cranky pants Mum most of the time!

    • says

      Oh yes!! So well prepared. Good on you Vick. Make sure you take a little vid or a picture :) I hope they love it and I hope it brings laughs and fun in your house! JT xo

  6. Steph says

    Brilliant Jen… These are great ideas for kids… I remember when I was young a good prank that my dad played on me and my sister… It was just before Easter and he came in to our room with a birds nest (think he just went outside and got some sticks – we were pretty young -lol) and it had a few birds eggs in it… We were so excited and we’re going to look after them till they hatched, then after about a few minutes of talking all about it he picked them up and ate them…. OMG, we were horrified… He then pulled out the packet of eggs from his pocket and they were those hard speckled shell Easter eggs that you can get… He then shared them with us and all was ok!!! Never forget it… He pee’d himself telling everyone about the looks on our faces… It was a pretty good prank!!! :-)))

    • says

      I think Man baby would love to wake up to some writing on his face? :) or I saw on the back of a ute once a sign saying “Honk and wave at me for April’s Fool. I have no idea there’s a sign on my back tray”. Funny wife. xo

    • says

      You would totally laugh too hard Lauren! I nearly pee’d myself. I think its because you have to be so quiet which makes it much funnier than it really needs to be. Let me know if you get your eyeliner out! x

  7. says

    These are awesome ideas – my kids will love them! My Dad use to wake us up really early and say “There’s a phone call for you” we’d spring out if bed and realise there was no one on the other line and Dad would keel over laughing. EVERY YEAR!! lol! xx

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