10 on 10 {June} Photography Project

10 on 10 Photography

Hello and welcome to another chapter of 10 photos shared on the 10th of the month. If you are new here, I hook up with a bunch of bloggers who I e-met during the Clever Cookie School of Blog.  You will see below my ten photos and then a link that takes you to the next friendly blogger {in today’s case it’s my mate Ellen!} who has done the same thing. Is called a photography circle because you can follow each blog around until you get back here to me… get it? Cool bananas!

This month I left my photo taking a little late, but lucky for me we just had a looooong weekend. Here is what we got up to. Sometimes I don’t like long weekends and this is going to sound a bit lazy-mean, but it is because they usually equal a whole-heap more work for me {the Mama + chef + entertainer + constant cleaner}. This one was pretty cruisy though and we all had a nice, chilled-out time without too much chaos. See below.

1. I am starting at the end. Well, the end of the day anyway. We went for a road trip to a friend’s property just outside the ACT. I love me a sunset, especially when you can catch the moon in the shot too.

2. The boys had a ball at Bonfire night. My girls did too…. but the boys were in their element!
boys on car

3. I love this photo. I am forever thankful to the iPhone camera as it is always there and ready to go. It’s moments like these that would be otherwise forgotten. I am pretending that I have captured a shooting star off to the right… BUT if you’re anything like me you often make a wishes on the tracks made by QANTAS :)
Making memories

4. The Bonfire. There is something so mesmerizing about watching fire like this burn. The tree in front wasn’t part of the light show originally, but the embers jumped and the party grew. It was a bit scary {although reasonably safe} to see how quickly fire can move. Reminded me to respect the flame!
The Bonfire

5. The next morning we had a 8yo boy’s party to attend. So we grabbed some Minecraft goodies at ToysRUs. I chose a candy edit here. I use Diptic from the App store to choose a new hue. This isn’t one of my best Candy edits. It works best with no clouds or at least fluffy, solid clouds. The sky and the sign were almost the same blue to start off with which isn’t a good combination either. But I am including it because it works with my next shot.
toys r us

6. The birthday cake was sooo blue! I don’t think I have eaten such a blue {but so yummy} soccer cake before! This isn’t a candy edit. This is my girl Mila. She is going to be pooping blue for days I can just tell! I did want to edit my dark roots mind you but no such luck. Someone should invent a filter that does that. Brunettes gone blonde would add to their cut+colour bills. I am going to the hairdressers tomorrow and I CAN NOT WAIT!
Jenny Tiffen

7. Punky took us humans for a walk.
Punky the pug

8. I edited this one on my PC. I am trying new things. I am such an iPhone-ographer and need to grow. I don’t think I have done justice to the sky but I do think Punky the Pug looks clear and shiny. If you have ever tried to take photos of black animals you will know how hard it is to get them looking good. We keep collecting black animals too!! Crazy me. We have previously had a black Staffy and a black lop rabbit. We miss them both. Mainly the Staffy. The lop nearly became soup when she chewed through our cedar doors once #badbunny.

9. Another candy edit of the lovely pavilion at the cricket oval where we walk. Again this isn’t the best candied pic due to the scrappy clouds and lack of minimalism.

10. Lucky last. Family photo. This is us. We don’t often get a family photo but after such a nice weekend of hanging out together… I had to grab a family selfie. I was born with a built in selfie stick {aka long arms}. You can totally see all the personalities going on in my kids!
Team Tiffen

Thank you for joining the photo circle. Here’s the part where you leave me and head over to Ellen from Potential Psychology. Ellen’s photos and blog always inspire me to achieve more, stay positive and be a better me. Go and see what I mean. xo


love jenny tiffen x

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  1. says

    Great photo’s Jen! I love a good bonfire and this looks like one :) The family-selfie is really nice with everyone being themselves.

  2. says

    You had me at avo fire – I was born on bonfire night. Stunning pics again Jen. Were the same with black pets. I’ve had a few black cats now and our next dog I insist will be black. You make it very tempting to choose a pug. Uber cute!! Love your family pic – what a gorgeous family you guys made xx

  3. says

    Ha ha, boys and fires huh? I live with three boys who are in their absolute element when there is a fire to prod and poke 😉 Great family selfie, especially with the blue tongue and the light and sky in those first couple of shots are just divine.
    Thanks too for the lovely words sending people my way. xx

  4. says

    I want your puppy so bad!! It’s adorable! Our puppy is half pug and I want a full pug for a playmate for him! Always love seeing your photos and that bonfire one is so awesome! Love them!

    • says

      Someone told me the week we got her that it is very hard to stop at one pug. I believe it now but my hubby would kill me! Hence why I have started a Pug Meet in Canberra! I get my fix and don’t have to look after them all :)

  5. says

    Jeepers lady you have one gorgeous family! We have a lop too. Last week I’m sitting at my desk, complaining, I have no internet, what’s wrong with my internet? Mr D who is of course the expert at these matters, pulls out my desk, has a look behind it all & produces one completely chewed through internet cable…… needless to say Milo our lop eared bunny is no longer allowed in my study….. 😉 xx

    • says

      OMG Shan! Same thing happened to us! I nearly killed our lop {Carly, who was so much like a dog} 1000 times when she’d wreck our stuff but then I would fall completely in love with her again when she slept on my lap. She ran away after 3.5 years and we waited for her to come back… because every other time she did… but not this time. Now we have a real dog – or Pug which is almost a dog 😉

  6. says

    that photo of the bonfire with the tree catching is AMAZING! I love it! Looks like it was a great weekend and that y’all had a lot of fun. I haven’t played around yet with the candy filters but I want to. Think I might have to do that this weekend 😉

    • says

      Thanks babe. Lucky I have a 6+ because I don’t think we would all fit into any other screen. I am still laughing at your “WOW it’s a truck face”. I didn’t say it in the comments but I totally do the same. I think we need to teach them all the emotions and show them what we want to see when they open gifts! x

  7. says

    Loved your bonfire pics…how un-cooperative of the clouds not letting you get your next candy! The shots still work! Yay for the queens birthday!!!!!

    • says

      I need to do more branching out past the iPhone. I wish I knew how to use my Cannon better. Its not so much the Cannon but the editing on my PC. I think I need a Mac… or more patience or something :) I need lessons from you! I like your new author name too. JT xo

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