Tennis & TITS

Tuesdays I Tennis

2017 has been fun for me…. because since the start of Term, I have had 3 of my kids in the SAME school and my baby into full-time preschool! It’s been ah-mazing! I promised myself that I would clean out all the cupboards + weed the wardrobes + cook delicious meals + eat all those […]

Bright Pink Lipstick Day + Charity Workout!

Bright Pink Lipstick Day

Ladies, tomorrow is Bright Pink Lipstick Day. It’s a day to have a little fun with our lippy to show support for the Pink Hope organisation. Pink Hope was established in response to a lack of information, guidance and emotional support for women and their families at risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Pink Hope […]

Pug Life Canberra


It’s tough to be a pug. Incessant snoring, wrinkled face with bulging eyes and a short, stocky frame….. sounds like your perfect mate, right? These traits might seem unappealing when looking for someone to settle down with – but for a pug this makes them perfect in every way! Pugs are great pets for families and […]

TOP 3 Things to do in Canberra – voted by my Family!


There are 6 agendas in my house and rarely do they align to wanting the same things at the same time. I guess that’s what family-friendly means when it comes to activities. There needs to be a tick in at least one box for every person; so that at some point, everyone has a NEED […]

A sneak peak at Next Gen Club Canberra

Jenny Tiffen Tony Frazer

I am a gym junkie. You could even call me a gym-tart because I’ll workout anywhere. So, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I leapt at the chance to check out the new Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Club that has totally revamped a large chunk of Lyneham. I felt special to be one of […]

Why travel when you can have a stay-cation!

Hotel Realm Sunset

My husband and I date every Wednesday. It’s my hot tip for staying happily married and it is probably the reason why we have so many kids {we have four}. Four isn’t an amazing amount of children. I have many friends with four or more, but it is at that “professional breeding” level where strangers look […]

Easy ways to prank the kids this April Fool’s Day!


I am a bit of a joker. Actually, that might be a joke in itself. As soon as I wrote that I thought… “No you’re not! You’re a cranky Mama bear who has too much on her plate to muck around!”. Hmmmm… Let’s start this again. I THINK I am a fun Mum, but when […]