New lenses that would have stopped me from doing this dumb thing while driving yesterday


Introducing DriveSafe lenses by ZEISS. Available in Australia from April 2016! Yesterday I was driving home from the gym. I was feeling great and I had my mini-me, Daisy in the back seat. We were chattering away to each other as we do. Talking our two-year-old talk, such as artworks she’s done at the creche […]

Easter Trees are the new Christmas Trees

Easter Tree

You heard it right. Move over Christmas Tree because we need to make room for the Easter Tree! I really love Easter time. It has so many of the good feels of Christmas but in a pastel-pink, low-key way. No pressure. Less cost. Less down time. Less stress. Less gifts. And in our busy world […]

Let’s talk lunch boxes + WIN

Nude Movers

  Let’s do lunch means something totally different to me these days. It means MAKING lunch as apposed to sipping wine with friends and enjoying a midday meal. I have also discovered there are three types of mothers in the world. Those that make their children’s lunch the night before, those that make it fresh […]

4 things I bought this week!

Scatter Love and shopping

The shops are starting to get nasty. I experienced the first of many nightmare parking and shopping outings this week. I must have been on some sort of acid because I took myself and two of my babes off to the mall on a Saturday morning, in December whilst it was bucketing rain. Bom-bom! Big […]

4 things I bought this week!

IMG_0351 (3)

Here are my purchases this week. Actually my pants are on fire as I am posting this a bit late due to shopping item #2 {flights to Adelaide}. Basically my blog has been patient while I have have been jet setting about with my four frequent flyers in tow. We are back. Survived nicely and […]

4 things I bought this week!


Hi Hi! And welcome back to my new shopping segment! Here are four top-notch purchases I made this week. 1. I was being a shape snob and not buying these mangoes. I hadn’t seen them in previous years {maybe I’ve been living under a rock?!} and I kept walking past their long skinny faces searching […]