Dear Mila – you’re four + a bit!

mila 728x550

Dear Mila I feel funny writing “Dear Mila” because we call you Mima {pronounced meeem-ma}. You like being Mima. You DO NOT like being MiMi or Milly. I call you MiMi sometimes and you look at me with utter disgust. I’ll slip in a sneaky Milsy // Flossy // Popcorn occasionally and your mood-of-the-moment determines […]

To the babies that Santa won’t visit…


I love tucking my children into bed knowing the fun that I have in store for them. I stay up late baking while bopping around the kitchen to Christmas carols and drinking Baileys on ice. I am almost bursting myself for the morning to come, just so I can see the sheer joy on my […]

Dear Cooper – It’s Father’s Day

Cooper lets talk stillbirth

Dear Cooper You were not the baby we were expecting. You definitely were not the baby we wanted. We were dying to become parents BUT we had no idea that you’d be the one to die first. You never got to take your first breath, open your eyes or wake me up at night. Our […]

It’s my baby’s 2nd birthday, so I wrote her a letter…


Dear Daisy, Today is your last day on the planet as a one-year-old. Your Dad and I can hardly believe the nice little person you are growing into. We weren’t expecting to have you in our lives, but you have turned out to be the best thing ever and we are so glad we accidentally […]

Dear Husband, while you were gone…


Like many women, I’ve scored myself a husband that travels a bit for work. I actually don’t mind it. I miss him and everything but I am fiercely independent and cope ok while he is absent. It’s this same exuberance of “I’ve got this” that stops me from contacting him all day long when he […]