Easter Trees are the new Christmas Trees

IMG_6036You heard it right. Move over Christmas Tree because we need to make room for the Easter Tree! I really love Easter time. It has so many of the good feels of Christmas but in a pastel-pink, low-key way. No pressure. Less cost. Less down time. Less stress. Less gifts. And in our busy world where everything is go go go. I love that Easter is a time of go-slow. I really love that basically EVERYTHING is closed Good Friday and you are forced to stop and chill. Not to mention I-love-chocolate + bunnies + egg hunts + the change of season + a 4 day loooong weekend. And before you think I have missed the point entirely – I do love the meaning of Easter too. My big kids attend a Catholic school so we are totally up with the lent, blessings and the oldest and most important Christian festival of them all. This is why Easter is so great. There is something for everyone. From the tradition of fish on Fridays, eggspresso coffees and chocolate for breakfast Sunday mornings – I will be your Bunny any-day of the week!

I put my Christmas tree up in October {you can read why here}, so it probably doesn’t come as a complete surprise that I have an Ester Tree too. Just like Christmas, I get the Easter decorations up early, from at least 3 weeks out. They are SO, SO pretty, cheap and it’s very simple to look festive fast {i.e. you still have time!}.

Easter Tree


When I first fell in love with the Easter Tree concept, I was childless and poor. So I had all the time in the world to spray paint a bunch of twigs I found around my garden and I re-used a block of florist’s foam to jab my silvery sprayed twigs into. I then wrapped the foam base in pastel paper like a present and tied with a polka-dot gift wrap ribbon. This actually looked quite effective. Then I decorated the branches with my first 12 pack of Morgan and Finch eggs from Bed Bath N’ Table. I was so happy with my craftyness. I am not crafty at all – to the point where my flimsy sticks would move within the foam block from time to time as people walked past and the pretty pastel paper would rip every chance it got. It took just over a week to start looking naff but, I made it last TWO years like that before I needed an upgrade to eastertree.v2.0.


IMG_6037On the third year, I saved up and got me a tree! A real-life fake-as-fake white Easter tree. I was so happy with myself. I had buyers guilt immediately but I giggle at myself now looking back because although it was a tad expensive at the time, it has certainly been worth it. I found it in a little boutique in Manuka during January. This is the best time to buy Christmas and Easter trees. They usually sell for less than half price off-peak. My tree is actually meant to be a snowy white Christmas tree but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nobody knows. TIP: You could have this as your modern Christmas tree too and simply change the decorations. Genius!


IMG_6032Warning This isn’t a sponsored post. I am telling you this because it’s true. Bed Bath N’ Table have the most beautiful and stunning Easter decoration range your eyes will ever see! All my decorations {including bunny ears for myself and the kids} come from there. The best bit…. they arrive in store ON SALE and then STAY on sale…. then they REDUCE the prices even more THIS WEEK! No joke. Here is the link but for all the gorgeous, fragile stuff, you will need to go in store. I am banned. My house already looks like their shop and husband says no more – but you should totally go.


Something annoying cute annoying happened, my neighbor and I have similar tastes on many things and we bought the same Easter wreath for our front doors. It looks pretty loserish us both having the same one and she recently painted her door black and now her wreath kicks my wreath’s arse because the black background really makes hers stand out. Humpf :(

Easter wreaths

So, I am going to buy me a new wreath {from Bed Bath N’ Table and please God let them have some left!} and I’ll give mine away! If you would like LOVE it, comment below and let me know. I will send it off to the first legend that REALLY wants it!

Hoppy Easter to you and your family. And remember…. some bunny loves you Ha ha!

Jenny Tiffen

Jenny Tiffen


Easter wreath

If you want this wreath…. leave a comment below xo


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  1. says

    This is just gorgeous! I put my Christmas tree up in July and December, because twice is nice and now I’ve seen your Easter tree, I want one too! My Christmas tree is actually white, so I wonder if I could make it a tri-purpose tree and get it out for Easter too?! I love those Easter decorations too, if there was an Olympic medal for Easter trees, you’d definitely get gold!

    • says

      Oh my gosh you should totally Easter decorate your white Christmas tree!! Then you are practically leaving that baby up all year! So rad. Send me a picture if you end up doing it next year! I will die!!

  2. Rachie says

    Say… nice roof/wreath Jen at #three – you have good taste – we should have bought in bulk for the rest of the street 😉 xx

  3. Emma says

    I’d love your wreath Jen you have amazing style that id love to display at the front of my house this Easter xo plus Myah would be beside herself

    • says

      Man I wish I had 10 wreaths to give away. Thank you so much for stopping by entering. I went with an earlier entrant but thought you might like to know I bought my replacement wreath for just $10 on sale at Bed Bath N Table. They are probably even cheaper this week….

  4. Lou Walton says

    Pick me pick me! My love of Christmas extends to Easter but I have a severe lack of Easter decoration goodness!!!! I will love it as you loved it!!!!!!!! xx

    • says

      Ok so I KNOW you have gone and got yourself Eastered up my beautiful friend!! I freaking love that you have as well!! This is a friendly reminder to now take your gear down :( #theworstpart xoxox

  5. Bronwyn says

    The first thing read this morning was your post. I love this idea for a new tradition. I might need to make me a easter tree.id never think of it by myself.My daughter still sees our christmas tree wrapped in box and says ‘thats christmas…Bootiful!’ It was her first tree she’s decorated in our house. I just was thinking a few days ago I need to start something for easter to create good memories. Like you I love these special times of year. Easter has it all without the huge stress families put on themselves . Your wreath is so pretty.Im sure whoever gets it will enjoy it.

  6. Sarah says

    Long-time lurker, first time commenter… A few thoughts:

    – you should post more often! You are hilarious and your relaxed style of writing plus gold content make your blog a pleasure to read
    – I really want your wreath because I never realised how unfestive my house is at Easter. I feel like I’ve been doing Easter all wrong now! I need more pastel in my life.
    – if I don’t win your wreath I won’t be totally devastated because I’m already calculating when I can get into bed bath n table later today (but not too late, need to make sure I beat all your other blog readers snaffuing all the best Easter stuff).
    – your wreath does have the prettiest Easter colours though and there is a real risk I won’t make it to bed bath n table because I have to spend my morning going to the Fyshwick markets to buy ALL the hot cross buns.
    – your neighbours black door does look impressive; but your orange ( or is it wood?) looks good and fun too. Mine is blue which is perfect for an Easter wreath (it just didn’t know it yet).

    That’s all! Enjoy Easter with your kids – such a fun time!

    • says

      Yay Sarah I am posting you my wreath! I can just imagine it on your blue door. Your comments warmed my heart. Thank you for entering. I am emailing you now xo

  7. Melissa Agius says

    Your gorgeous Jen bee decorated our Easter tree a few weeks ago thanks goodness. Our Lexie Loy Liu got to see the fun of the holidays.

    • says

      I am so so glad Lexie was there to share in the Easter fun. And this isn’t the right thing to say, or the place to say it…but I always think the most special of people all pass at Easter time. Just like Jesus. You are continually in my thoughts xoxoxo

  8. Jade says

    Oh I would love it. It’s gorgeous! We love decorating in pastels and this would suit our house perfectly. Happy Easter :)

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