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New lenses that would have stopped me from doing this dumb thing while driving yesterday

Introducing DriveSafe lenses by ZEISS. Available in Australia from April 2016! Yesterday I was driving home from the gym. I was feeling great and I had my mini-me, Daisy in the back seat. We were chattering away to each other as we do. Talking our two-year-old talk, such as artworks she's done at the creche and whether or not she has managed to stay clean+dry. We also sing wheels on the bus. This song {while I am driving} stings a bit, because I really don't like being reminded that I drive a … [Read More...]

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Dear Mila – you’re four + a bit!

Dear Mila I feel funny writing "Dear Mila" because we call you Mima {pronounced meeem-ma}. You like being Mima. You DO NOT like being MiMi or Milly. I call you MiMi sometimes and you look at me with utter disgust. I'll slip in a sneaky Milsy // Flossy // Popcorn occasionally and your mood-of-the-moment determines what will happen next. You could … [Read More...]

Easter Tree

Easter Trees are the new Christmas Trees

You heard it right. Move over Christmas Tree because we need to make room for the Easter Tree! I really love Easter time. It has so many of the good feels of Christmas but in a pastel-pink, low-key way. No pressure. Less cost. Less down time. Less stress. Less gifts. And in our busy world where everything is go go go. I love that Easter is a time … [Read More...]


My first time with Uber

My husband and I went to the Gold Coast early last month. It was an amazing, kid-free trip. Since it was just the two of us, we thought we would try something new. Your first time with anything is always something to remember. It’s all a bit scary and I am the first to admit, I am THAT person that when stepped outside my comfort zone, I initially … [Read More...]


To the babies that Santa won’t visit…

I love tucking my children into bed knowing the fun that I have in store for them. I stay up late baking while bopping around the kitchen to Christmas carols and drinking Baileys on ice. I am almost bursting myself for the morning to come, just so I can see the sheer joy on my children’s faces, knowing that these happy childhood memories will be … [Read More...]